Currently employed as a Lecturer in the Language & Linguistics department at the University of Aberdeen, I teach (or have taught) on the following courses:

Level CourseCourse content
1English Structure and UseClick for info
1Communication and Language in Contemporary SocietyClick for info
1English Past and Present (Current Course Co-ordinator)Click for info
2Language in Society (Current Course Co-ordinator)Click for info
2Varieties of English Click for info
3/4StylisticsClick for info
3/4Language Variation and Change (Current Course Co-ordinator)Click for info
3/4Language Change: Linguistic and Sociolinguistic ApproachesClick for info
3/4Grammatical Attitudes (2019/20 – Course Co-ordinator)Click for info
3/4Perceptual Dialectology (2021/22 Course Originator and Co-ordinator)Click for info
3/4Perception, Prescription, PrejudiceClick for info
MscTeaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)Click for info
MLittFundamentals of English LanguageClick for info

In addition to these teaching responsibilities, I also supervise and mark dissertations at undergraduate honours level for Language & Linguistics, and at postgraduate (MSc) level for the above-mentioned TESOL course. Administratively, I am also the current Undergraduate Programme Coordinator for the Language & Linguistics degree programme.

For the 2020/21 academic year, I was tasked with designing and delivering a brand new undergraduate course for the University of Aberdeen’s Elphinstone Institute, titled an Introduction to North-East Scots. Read more here. This now runs in the first semester of each academic year (course code: EF1005).

Teaching qualifications:

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2021)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) – University of Aberdeen (2013)