‘Gie’s a Scots Phrase Day’ – 4th June 2021

*This blog post is written in Scots. If you don’t understand something, http://www.dsl.ac.uk is your pal!*

Ah’m a wee bittie latchy kyne wi ess post, but it’s bin an affa busy fyow wikks. Fourth o June wis ‘Gie’s a Scots Phrase Day’ an I wis fair tricket te jyne North-East sangstress superstar, Iona Fyfe, fir a wee blether aboot some o oor favourite phrases fae the day.

Ye can waatch the hale thing back here (apologies fir ma dodgy rural wifi hingin a bittie in places):

There wis a rare spread o entries fae different fowk fae different airts. As weel as the eens we ging ower in the video, here’s some o ma ither favourites fae the day (includin ma ain drookit contribution!):

In ither (nae affa excitin) news, Ah wis finally back inte ma wee office in Aul Aiberdeen last wikk (hivin cleared oot in a rush last Mairch fan the campus wis shut doon), and Ah think it’s safe te say ma peer plunts are maist definitely deid… (so Ah’ve opted fir some bonny bricht plaistic flooers instead!).

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